william byrd (c.1540-1623), Brittanicæ Musicæ Parens

by Peter Seibert

William Byrd

In the 400th anniversary year of the death of Byrd, who is called by some the “father of British music,” Seibert takes a look at the late Renaissance composer’s life and music.

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“This article by Peter Seibert originally appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of American Recorder magazine, with some material also appearing in the ARS’s March 2023 ARS NOVA e-newsletter. Used with the kind permission of Peter Seibert and the American Recorder Society, https://americanrecorder.org.”

Peter Seibert

Peter Seibert is a former EMS Board President who served 16 years and is currently a member of the Finance Committee. Peter has many academic credentials, skill as a composer and educator, and years of service to organizations like Early Music Seattle.