Where on Earth is Betsy Brick?

An interview with Gus Denhard and Betsy Brick


Betsy Brick on the shore of Port Townsend, WA

Gus: Betsy, it’s only been about a month, and we miss you already at Early Music Seattle.  You had been our full-time development director for four years, and you made great strides in fundraising! Can you explain how you will stay connected to EMS, its audience, and donors in the months ahead?

Betsy: I will be changing to the role of Major Gifts Officer and focusing my efforts on working with our most ardent supporters.  I will also look forward to occasionally making an appearance at the concert hall once we return live performances.

Gus: You have told me a little bit about your new calling in life, and the reason you are scaling back your time with EMS.  Can you say more, and describe your new passion for the EMS community?

Betsy:  After being diagnosed two years ago and going through a journey with a rare blood cancer, that continues today, it became clear that it was time for me to make some lifestyle changes.  This experience has transformed me in a myriad of ways and awakened a calling to become a life coach who walks beside people navigating a path with cancer, self-discovery or other significant life adventures.  I have been able to traverse some challenging personal terrain by discovering healing pathways like forest bathing, labyrinth walks and healing circles that have made my travels through major life challenges transformational, expansive and even inspiring.

Gus: And your new career focus came with a change of location I understand.  You have been living in Seattle for the past five years, where are you living these days?

Betsy:  I have relocated to Port Townsend, WA.  It is a community that shares my values, reconnects me to the wonders of the natural world and offers me wonderful opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Gus: I can see some parallels to your work in fundraising and your new direction. Both seem to emphasize great communication skills and empathy.  Would you say that’s true?

Betsy:  Yes!  It is amazing how life comes full circle and how beautifully it prepares us for our next chapter.  I never remember saying, “I want to be a fundraiser when I grow up!”  Sometimes life throws us curveballs out of left field and we end up playing an interesting game we didn’t expect.  Fundraising has certainly been a character building experience and through it I have learned to develop new levels of empathy, compassion and a deep interest in the lives of others that will serve me very well as a life coach.

Gus: I know people in the EMS community will want to stay connected with you as you begin this new chapter.  When can people expect to see you in public, or is there a good way that they can follow your exploits online?

Betsy: I would say look for me when EMS returns to the concert hall. I’m starved for live music like everyone else and will be eager to once again surround myself with the beauty and artistry of early music. If people are interested in learning more about my life coaching business, Healing Pathways Life Coaching, they can email me at bbrick369@gmail.com or in January check out my new website www.healingpathwayslifecoaching.com