Open Position: Programs Assistant
Dates: Year-Round
Hours: Varies, as needed 
Pay: $20/hour 

Complete Job Description

Early Music Seattle seeks hourly program assistants during its 2023-2024 season. The people in this role will function as integral members of the EMS (Early Music Seattle) team to support various events and activities throughout the next concert season. Programs Assistants have the opportunity to gain experience in arts administration, work with a supportive and innovative team, and have work schedule flexibility. 

To Apply:  

Submit a resume and a cover letter to Ludovica Punzi, Executive Director, at ludo@earlymusicseattle.org. Positions are filled as applications are received. Applications are considered on an on-going basis.  

Volunteer Usher

Position Description

All volunteer ushers for Early Music Seattle are expected to understand and support the purpose, structure, and policies of Early Music Seattle. Volunteer ushers provide assistance to patrons at every Early Music Seattle performance, sometimes providing ushering support to supplement the regular usher staff at Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall. Volunteer ushers will:

  • Work cooperatively with Early Music Seattle staff in a manner that adds value to the organization.
  • Perform assignments and responsibilities willingly and courteously.
  •  Comply with time and dress requirements of Early Music Seattle.
  • Obey all security and safety rules of Early Music Seattle and the concert and/or event venue.
  • Respect confidentiality of sensitive and proprietary information.
  • Provide and maintain current emergency contact information.
  • Volunteers must wear a volunteer badge and maintain a professional appearance at all times.
  • Volunteers welcome the audience with a smile and treat them with respect and appreciation.
  • Volunteers respond to questions when asked, and assist patrons as appropriate.

Volunteer ushers are expected to arrive on time (2 hours prior to the scheduled performance where there is a pre-concert event, 90 minutes before the scheduled performance where there is no pre-concert event) to attend and participate in a pre-concert ushers huddle. Volunteers also stay after the performance to help clean up the concert hall and participate in a closing debrief. Volunteer ushers are able to attend most of the performance for which they are volunteering, depending upon the program and duties assigned.

Usher Dress Code

White Shirt Black Pants or Skirt Name tag (provided by Early Music Seattle) Closed toe black shoes

To Learn More

Please contact info@earlymusicseattle.org or call the Early Music Seattle office at 206.325.7066 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer usher.

House a Musician

For those musicians traveling to Seattle to play with us, volunteers open their home to them for 3–5 days. Hosts may also drive musicians to and from the airport and rehearsals or lend the musicians an unneeded car.

To Learn More

Please contact info@earlymusicseattle.org or call the Early Music Seattle office at 206.325.7066 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer usher.