Meet La Nef

The Montreal-based ensemble returns for their second Seattle performance with more sea chanties and other maritime music. They made sea chanties famous when they recorded the memorable soundtrack to the popular video game Assassin’s Creed III, followed by Black Flag in 2013 and Rogue in 2014. La Nef will appear on stage with the Seattle-based Sea Chanty ensemble, Strikes a Bell, whose members lead a monthly free sea chanty singalong at the Center for Wooden Boats in South Lake Union.

La Nef

La Nef

Sea Chanties and Songs of the Sea
Sun, Feb 18 | 2:00pm | Town Hall Seattle

La Nef

Founded in Montréal in 1991, La Nef creates, produces, and distributes concerts, multimedia and multidisciplinary shows, physical and digital albums, musical tales, and CD-books. Its activities are aimed at audiences of all ages.

Its wide-ranging repertoire includes early music, the music of oral traditions, world music, and experimental and contemporary approaches to musical creation.

According to the approach chosen, its performances integrate theater, movement and dance, visual arts, video, and now, with advances in technology, digital arts.

All these elements contribute to the high artistic quality, stylistic diversity, and distinctive character that are the company’s unique signature.

Over the course of years, La Nef has presented its shows in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Often nominated or listed as a finalist for its concerts, shows, discs, and CD-books, La Nef counts Opus, ADISQ, and CFMA prizes among its many awards and distinctions.


At Early Music Seattle we are dedicated to telling the most complete story of the music that inspires you as a citizen of the world.

Our 2023-24 season will take you on a journey to ancient Persia; Spanish Al-Andalus; the royal courts of baroque Venice, Austria and Bohemia; the taverns of Ireland; the forecastle of a square-rigger rounding Cape Horn; and a medieval cathedral. These ancient music traditions connect directly to our times with Many Messiahs, a new work that reimagines Handel’s masterwork for our times.

A chorus of seven male voices, a powerful instrument indeed !

Capstand shanties, halyard shanties, laments, forecastle songs, short haul shanties, songs and music to accompany work and play.  Inspired by this tradition of maritime music, Seán Dagher has arranged these songs and tunes to display all the warmth and depth they deserve. Music from England, Scotland, Ireland, the Americas, and the Carabbean sung by a chorus of seven male voices. All aboard!

The journey of Sea Songs & Shanties began in Montréal, Canada, in 2012 when a band of seven musicians worked with ubisoft to create the memorable soundtrack to Assassin’s Creed III, followed by Black Flag in 2013 and Rogue in 2014. The sucess of these games and the huge popularity of their soundtracks convinced La Nef to bring the group together again for a concert in November 2014. The concert was nominated for 3 Opus Awards (Quebec Music Industry Awards), winning Creation of the Year  for the song ‘Leave her Johnny’. In May 2017 the album Sea Songs & Shanties was released to critical acclaim and sold out in 3 months. La Nef has been touring the show intensively ever since.

Seán Dagher, Musical Direction, voice, cittern; Nils Brown, voice; Michiel Schrey, voice Clayton Kennedy, voice; David Gossage, flutes, voice; Nelson Carter, violin, percussion, voice; Andrew Horton, double bass, voice.

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