Wed. 10 Mar. 2021

7: 00 PM

Antonio Gomez

Saffron & Honey: Jews, Muslims & Christians in Medieval Spain

Early Music Seattle presents Deep Roots, New Branches, a new series of presentations designed to enrich your understanding of the cultural interconnectedness that forms the foundations of the world’s great music traditions.  When people moved – through forced or chosen migrations, along trade routes, or because of conquest and war – they brought their ideas, religions, and music. Educator and percussionist Antonio Gómez is our guide as we explore the human stories behind the music we hear today.

We are all too familiar with headlines of tension and conflict between Jews, Muslims and Christians in the post 9-11 world. But, what happens when we tug on the historical thread and unravel connections we never imagined? From 711 – 1492, the Arab world stretched into Europe by way of the Iberian Peninsula. Drawing from a story of personal discovery, this interactive presentation with audio, video and artifacts explores medieval Spain as a common space between the Golden Age of Islam, Sephardic Judaism, the Middle Ages and the coming Renaissance. Spain not only served as a channel for the flow of ideas and technology into a Europe parched by isolation, it would become a font of advances in science, math, poetry, music, architecture and politics that would ripple across the world. Though centuries old, this inspiring story of collaboration – and cautionary tale of conflict – could not be timelier.

About Tony
Born in South Texas to a Chicano activist and an Italian American VISTA volunteer, Tony moved often growing up. Music and language became constant companions in decoding ever-changing cultural ecologies between South Texas, the Bay Area, and Tucson. This trajectory formed his calling to develop cultural dialogue and empathy. Tony specializes in not belonging anywhere, but making friends everywhere. Mestizaje – a mixed identity formed at the intersection of cultures – shapes his work as a musician, curator, educator, and producer. Having studied on four continents, he plays Afro-Latin, Mediterranean, and Arabic percussion. Previously a K12 teacher, he has served as an educator and curriculum writer for public television and is now the Education Manager at Tacoma Arts Live. Being a working musician is indivisible from being educator, an arts administrator, and a parent. The same heart that draws him to teach compels him to speak through the drum.

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