Sat. 21 Sep. 2019

1: 30 PM

Seattle Recorder Society

Recorder Rodeo

The upcoming Recorder Rodeo will be held September 21st at the Meadowbrook Community Center.  It will be a fun, hands-on, family music event featuring the fantastic recorder!

The Recorder Rodeo is an all-ages event, the goal of which is to reach beyond the established audience or Early Music enthusiasts to children and adults who have limited experience with music, and recorders in particular.

This event is sponsored by the Lake City Waites, Seattle Recorder Society and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Meadowbrook Community Center
10517 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125


Event History:

This event grew out of the Lake City Waites (who all met via SRS and Laura Faber) performing twice at Meadowbrook ARC camps, as well as conducting a couple of mini-music lessons.  We realized that there may be more of an interest in recorder to those community members that may not have thought it possible.  Feeling it important to share and provide additional opportunities in the community, especially to youth in the area, LCW teamed up with SRS and the community center to put on what will hopefully be the first of many events.  The eventual goal is to offer afterschool recorder programs (class or drop-in), or a recorder club, for beginners or those wanting to learn music and recorder from scratch, based at the community center, overseen by LCW and SRS to share our love of recorder and music to all!

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