Fri. 18 Jan. 2019

7: 30 PM

Emi Ostrom, artistic director & mezzo-soprano, with Linda Strandberg, soprano and Marjorie Bunday, alto

Les Chanterelles presents: 'Medieval Love'

Our program celebrates all three forms of medieval love:  romantic, divine and courtly.  We rejoice in these and the ways that they intersect with a selection of motets, madrigals and folk songs from France, England and Italy alongside a new work by Emi Ostrom, composed in November 2018 for the unique voices of Marjorie Bunday and Linda Strandberg.

Tickets are $23 online / $28 at the door.  ~Admission includes a glass of wine~
Due to limited space, availability at the door cannot be guaranteed, but if you would like to receive the address privately, please send an email to

John Dunstable: Quam pulchra es
Leonel Power: Beata progenies
Guillaume Dufay: Ave regina caelorum
Emi Ostrom: Stoep of the soup kitchen, Karoo morning
Anonymous, Montpellier Codex: Diex! de chanter maintenant
Anonymous, Montpellier Codex: S’on me regarde
Anonymous, Montpellier Codex: Nus ne mi pourrait conforter
Anonymous (possibly Machaut): Jour a jour
Haine van Ghizeghem: De tous biens plaine
Jacopo da Bologna: Sì come al canto
Jacopo da Bologna: Aquila altera

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