Wed. 08 Sep. 2021

7: 00 PM

Antonio Gómez with guests Gus Denhard and Adem Merter Birson

Deep Roots, New Branches - Journey of the Oud, Birth of the Lute

It’s all in the name…the instrument that would become central to the European renaissance and baroque era has roots in other corners of the world. Join Dr. Adem Merter Birson, musicologist, professor and Turkish oud virtuoso, along with Early Music Seattle’s own director and lutist, Gus Denhard, for a lively exploration of the Western Asian development of the oud and its journey to Europe, by way of cultural exchange and war, out of which would emerge the lute. Discover the two kindred instruments’ simultaneous and parallel journeys as they figured into the musical stories of divergent empires and cultures.

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