A Message From the Executive Director

Thank you for your support these last few months. It has been a very different end-of-season for all of us and I have missed seeing my friends, old and new, in the concert halls listening to great music. Hopefully you have enjoyed the new direction we have taken with this newsletter – the videos, music, and interviews exploring themes around For All Our Sisters, Focus on Asia, and more.

As Covid-19 continues to impact our regular routines and entertainment choices, we are working to put plans in place for next season. Musicians have been contacted and dates temporarily set in anticipation of a spectacular assortment of performances that we can share in together.

Until then, click on our video offerings, read Clef Notes, follow us on social media, and feel free to contact me anytime with questions or comments.

Again, thanks for your support of Early Music Seattle.

Gus Denhard
Executive Director